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BFSU delegation visits South Korea, Malaysia, UAE

Updated: May 9, 2024

Ding Hao, a member of the standing committee of the Party committee and vice-president of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), led a delegation to South Korea, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from April 21 to 30.

The delegation visited renowned schools including Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), the University of Malaya (UM), Saad Foundation College, Mara University of Technology (UiTM) and Zayed University (ZU) and several Confucius Institutes, where representatives from multiple sides discussed inter-school exchange and cooperation programs.

The delegation also paid visits to the Chinese embassy in South Korea and the Emirates News Agency and inspected Huawei Technologies Malaysia and the Automated Rapid Transit - ART project in the UAE to explore more overseas internship opportunities for BFSU students. 


On April 22, Ding (L) congratulates Park Jeong-woon (R), president of HUFS, on the university’s 70th anniversary. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


Ding (2nd L) reviews the achievements made in inter-school exchanges between BFSU and HUFS over the years and suggests increased cooperation in talent cultivation, interdisciplinary research and digital publishing. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


The delegation visits the Chinese embassy in South Korea and holds discussions with Minister-Counselor for Education Ai Hongge (C, 1st row) on April 22. Ding (3rd L, 1st row) expresses gratitude to the embassy for its support of BFSU's development over the years and briefs embassy staff on the university's cooperation with South Korean universities. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


The delegation accompanies Yu Yunfeng (1st R, 2nd row), director-general of the Center for Language Education and Cooperation, to the Confucius Institute at UM on April 24. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


Ding (4th L, 1st row) and Sabzali Musa Kahn (5th L, 1st row), dean of the Academy of Malay Studies at UM, exchange views on Malay language major development and talent cultivation on April 24. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


The delegation participates in the 12th council meeting of the Confucius Institute at UM on April 24. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


Ding (L) and Noor Azuan Abu Osman (R), vice-chancellor of UM and rotating council chair of the Confucius Institute at the university, jointly unveil the plaque for BFSU’s overseas internship center at the Confucius Institute. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


The delegation watches a performance presented by the BFSU Art Troupe at UM on April 24 and poses for a commemorative photo with the audience. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


The delegation visits Saad Foundation College in Malacca, Malaysia, on April 25. Ding (4th L, 1st row), Azizan Mohd Noor (4th R, 1st row), chairman of the board of governors, and Tan Cheh Li (3rd R, 1st row), principal of the college, discuss Sino-Malaysian youth exchanges and cooperation between the college and BFSU Foreign Languages School. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


Ding (2nd L, 2nd row) participates in the discussion and exchange event with China’s Minister of Education Huai Jinpeng (C, 1st row) at UM on April 25. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


The delegation visits UiTM’s Melaka city campus on April 25 and talks with representatives of the university on Malay and Chinese language teaching and research, curriculum development and exchange programs. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


The delegation visits UiTM’s Shah Alam campus on April 26 and discusses talent cultivation and academic exchanges between the two universities with representatives of UiTM. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


The delegation visits Huawei Technologies Malaysia on April 26 and shares BFSU graduates’ employment performance. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


The delegation inspects the Automated Rapid Transit - ART project in the UAE on April 28. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


The delegation attends the 10th council meeting of the Confucius Institute at ZU on April 29 and poses for a commemorative photo with participants. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


BFSU will further promote its cooperation with the Emirates News Agency and the university hopes that the agency will support its training of international journalism and communication talents and offer more overseas internship opportunities for BFSU students, says Ding (3rd L) during his talk with Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi (3rd R), director-general of the agency, on April 29. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]


The delegation holds discussions with Zhang Hong (2nd L), head of the Chinese expert group of the UAE's Ministry of Education and associate professor at BFSU’s School of Chinese Language and Literature, on April 29. Ding (2nd R) shares his hope that the expert group will yield more substantive results in international Chinese education in the UAE. [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn]