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Educational practices of BFSU’s Beiwai Online included in ISO standards

Updated: February 6, 2024

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has recently released ISO/TR 29996 standard, Education and Learning Services – Distance and Digital Learning Services (DDLS) – Case Studies. 

The educational practices of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU)'s Beiwai Online have been recognized as the world’s only case study in the higher education sector incorporated into this standard.


The cover of Education and Learning Services – Distance and Digital Learning Services (DDLS) – Case Studies [Photo/bfsu.edu.cn] 

In the sections of demand analysis and theoretical framework, the standard presents Beiwai Online's demand response and feasibility analysis-oriented project evaluation mechanism, as well as its learner-centered educational ecology model. 

The institution's curriculum development starts from market demands, conducts in-depth research around the learning service process, and pioneers an educational ecology model, with resources, services, process, monitoring and quality at its core, effectively managing and serving learners throughout the entire process. 

This approach not only facilitates academic advancement, but also imparts independent learning skills to lifelong learners. 

As for resource development and technological strengths, the standard introduces Beiwai Online's initiatives of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Simulation-based Smart Foreign Language Teaching Practices and Multimodal, Multimedia and Multi-environment Teaching Theory-based Learning Resource Development. 

Acknowledging the integration of innovative technologies with higher education, the institution pays close attention to enhancing personalized learning efficiency in large-scale learning, and has launched such key projects as the BFSU Multilingual Smart Learning Platform and BFSU Teacher Digital Literacy Development Platform. These smart teaching systems and applications have greatly promoted the sharing of quality educational resources and boosted educational equity. 

In the student assistance and learning assessment sections, the standard showcases Beiwai Online's empirical research-based full-process student support and comprehensive evaluation system that combines formative and summative assessments. 

The institution analyzes learners' needs throughout the entire process from enrollment to graduation, providing intelligent and personalized support through technological empowerment and peer assistance. 

Furthermore, combining formative and summative assessments enables learners to receive multidimensional, objective evaluations and also reflects the institution's commitment to moral and holistic education. 

The ISO/TR 29996 standard, led by the China National Institute of Standardization, underwent a two-year development process, collecting remote and digital learning service practices globally. After two rounds of voting, Beiwai Online’s educational practices were selected as an advanced case of China.

The ISO is the world's largest and most authoritative international standardization body. The ISO standards have been widely referenced by organizations across various fields worldwide.