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Department of Physical Education

Updated: August 24, 2021


One of the public curriculum teaching units of Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), the Department of Physical Education Teaching and Research is responsible for undergraduates' physical education teaching, extracurricular sports coaching, sports team training, sports events participation, and students' physical health tests in line with national standards.

It also works with the university's labor union, youth league committee as well as other departments and units to carry out sports activities, and has long been dedicated to students' physical fitness improvement, physical and mental health development, and comprehensive quality enhancement.

In line with the guideline of giving top priority to students’ health put forward by the university, the department adheres to the teaching philosophy of people-oriented education, health first, and personality improvement. It formulates the syllabus appropriate for students and revises it every four years.

In addition, according to the university's talent training goals and the characteristics of students, the department has also provided a variety of student-oriented physical education courses and has held a lot of group activities and sports competitions for students monthly or weekly.

Sixteen sports teams composed of ordinary students have training sessions all year round, and they perform well in competitions held for college students in Beijing. In 2011, approved by the Ministry of Education of China, Beijing Foreign Studies University was qualified to build a high-level swimming team, allowing high-level swimming athletes to study at the university’s School of International Relations and Diplomacy, International Business School, and School of International Journalism and Communication.

Over nearly 10 years of efforts, the swimming team has ranked first across the country for three consecutive years with outstanding performance and becomes a highlight of sports training and education in the university. A number of talented students with excellent comprehensive quality as well as many of outstanding professional swimming athletes have been trained for the country.

Boasting young, vigorous faculty and staff, the department has 17 faculty members, including 10 associate professors and seven lecturers. Seven faculty members have a postgraduate degree, and 10 have completed postgraduate courses.

Olympic swimming champion Luo Xuejuan works as a full-time swimming teacher for the university and her swimming course is a characteristic physical education course of the university. The high-level faculty members are the mainstay for carrying out physical education, group activities, and physical training at BFSU.

In terms of social services, the department has two national-level coaches, one international-level referee, and three national-level referees who have participated in and served as referees in many of the international, national and Beijing municipal sports competitions.

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