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School of English and International Studies

Updated: August 15, 2021


With a history that dates back to the Department of English established in 1944, the School of English and International Studies is a national key discipline location, a member of the State Council's Foreign Language and Literature Discipline Evaluation Group, a nationally renowned teaching team par excellence, a first-class discipline development site at both national and municipal level, and an experimental translation teaching demonstration center in Beijing.

Taking “Striving for a mind embracing East and West and searching for the way to serve all humanity” as its motto, the school aims to deliver excellence in humanities, interdisciplinary curriculum development, language-content integration teaching, as well as critical thinking skills and cross-cultural training. It is committed to equipping noble-hearted, high-level, and international English talents with profound expert knowledge, highly proficient foreign language skills, a broad international vision, an innovative spirit and social responsibility.

The School consists of the English Department and the Translation Department, and it has 13 research centers, those being the English and American Literature Research Center, the Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Research Center, the Translation Research Center, the MTI Translation Masters Center, the American Studies Center, the British Studies Center, the Australian Studies Center, the Canadian Studies Center, the Ireland Studies Center, the Chinese American Literature Research Center, the Cross-culture Research Center, the South Pacific Research Center, and the Chinese Children's Language Research Center.

As of June 2021, the School has a total of 87 full-time teachers, including 24 professors, 33 associate professors, and 30 lecturers. Among them, 75 have doctoral degrees. In addition, it has 711 undergraduates, 415 master students, and 82 doctoral students.

With long-term cooperation and exchange relations with many key universities and academic institutions in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada and other countries, the School sends students to Columbia University, Lancaster University, University of Edinburgh, and University of Toronto to conduct short-term study or to participate in summer programs each year.

To date, the School has trained a large number of outstanding talents working in the fields of foreign affairs, foreign trade, finance, media, English education and translation. Graduates are welcomed and widely praised by employers for their strong language competency, broad international vision, and good cross-cultural communication skills. Alumni of the School include Jin Liqun, Fu Ying, Li Zhaoxing, Zhu Ling, Ma Shengrong, Yang Lan, Xu Gehui, Zhou Yu, Sun Ning, and Yao Mengyao.

Tel: 010-88817287   Email: seis@bfsu.edu.cn