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Master's programs

Updated: August 15, 2021

Academic Master's programs

Civil And Business Law

International Law

Intellectual Property Law

International Justice and Judicial Cooperation

International and Regional Security

Political Theory

Chinese and Foreign Political Systems

Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement

Comparative Study of Marxism in China and Foreign Countries

International Politics

International Relations


Public Diplomacy

Regional Studies

Basic Principles of Marxism

Research on the Sinicization of Marxism

Ideological and Political Education


International Business


Business Management

Comparative Education

Higher Education Studies

Curriculum and Teaching Theory Studies

World History

Journalism Studies

Communication Studies

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Chinese Language and Literature

Ancient Chinese Literature

Comparative Literature and World Literature

English Language and Literature

Russian Language and Literature

French Language and Literature

German Language and Literature

Japanese Language and Literature

Spanish Language and Literature

Arabic Language and Literature

Europeans Languages and Literature

Asian and African Languages and Literature

Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Comparative Literature and Intercultural Studies

Translation Studies

Language Policy and Planning

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Asian and African Studies

International Law and Regional Governance

International Business and Regional Governance

International Relations and Regional Studies

International Communication Studies

Management Science and Engineering

Financial Engineering and Risk Management(Self-established)

International Trade and Investment Management(Self-established)

International Logistics and Supply Chain Managment(Self-established)

Transnational Operation and Information Management(Self-established)

Professional master's programs

Master of Translation and Interpreting

Master of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Master of Finance

Master of International Business

Journalism and Communication



Master of Business Administration