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BFSU Academy of International Communication of Chinese Culture

Updated: August 13, 2021

The Academy for the International Communication of Chinese Culture takes the research of the significance of Chinese culture to the world as its purpose. It aims to promote mutual learning between civilizations and the international communication of Chinese culture, while also researching the differences between Sino-foreign cultural exchanges of ancient times and now. 

The academy seeks to interpret the significant contributions of Chinese culture to human civilization and showcase Chinese cultural value. It uses solid academic research to support Chinese academic studies in stepping up on the global stage and showcasing the characteristics of Chinese academic studies.

The academy rises to meet the needs of the global spread of Chinese culture, along with BFSU’s edge in global languages, to promote the international communication of Chinese culture around the world. It supports the university in becoming one of the world-class universities and disciplines, making it a key research base for academic research, talent training and consulting services, as well as a new growth point for serving the national strategy.

The academy concentrates on the construction of new liberal arts, pushes forward multidisciplinary integration, theoretical innovation, and the innovation of methods and achievements.

It also strengthens the exploration and interpreting of outstanding traditional Chinese culture. It combines basic research with research from think-tanks, playing the distinctive role of foreign language university in the interaction between Chinese and world civilizations.

The academy excavates the essence of traditional culture that has contemporary value and global significance to help display the charms of Chinese culture.

The academy fully utilises BFSU’s international cultural and academic resources, building international academic journals for traditional Chinese culture. International Sinology and the English edition of International Confucian are expected to help Chinese scholars step onto the academic world stage and present Chinese wisdom, interpret the Chinese way and jointly build a new academic discourse system.

Through multilanguage translation projects, such as Key Concepts in Chinese Thought and Culture, Translation and Communication Projects, and Chinese Classic Academic Translation projects, the academy helps the world understand the glory of traditional Chinese culture and the achievements of modern China’s construction. It will further carry out academic brand building and explore effective ways for Beijing’s foreign exchanges to improve international communication, and push forward the construction of Beijing’s international communication center.

The academy will fully cooperate with the International Confucian Association (ICA), and help build an international communication network for the ICA. It will carry out a visit plan for sinologists and hold young sinologists training classes. It will also host a Chinese culture study class for global young talents and a class for teachers on international Confucianism and Chinese culture. 

It will set up a global sinologist data base to fully integrate the resources of sinologists from around the world and promote Chinese culture represented by the global spread of Confucianism and contributing Chinese wisdom towards global governance.

The academy has compiled a series of multi-language Chinese culture books and textbooks and has launched international communication courses on traditional culture, as well as exploring new ways for the international promotion of Confucianism. It hopes to display a real and vivid China to the world, and guide people around world to better learn about China’s modern society, academics, culture and understand the significance of the Chinese way to the world.