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Academy of International Education Studies

Updated: August 13, 2021

International education studies is stepping up to a new starting point and has had new developments and breakthroughs. In response to the key strategy of opening up national education and meeting the needs of international exchanges and cooperation in education, BFSU established the Academy of International Education Studies based on its edge in foreign language education.

Since the academy’s establishment, it has attracted many experts from the fields of international education, education policy and education and the rule of law, together forming its specialized faculty team.

Additionally, the academy invited Sun Xiaobing to become its dean. Sun is the former director of the Department of Policies and Regulations and was also director of the Legal Affairs Office of the MOE. He is now is a national educational inspector, executive president of the Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy, and a team member of the Leading Group Office of the National Education Science Program.

The academy aims at building a high-end think-tank for international education, serving the opening up of national education and the Belt and Road Initiative. It is dedicated to the internationalization and modernization of education in a new era.

Based on the advantages in scientific research, think-tank construction and talent resources, the academy will set up the research center for the opening-up of national education. It will focus on the internationalization of national education, new and crucial topics that needed urgent solutions, research the opening-up of education with China as the core, and provide policy support and theoretical basis for the government.

In addition, the academy will cooperate with BFSU’s other colleges, departments and research institutions to establish the institute for the rule of law in education. It will enroll doctoral and postdoctoral students to train professionals in the rule of law in education.

The institute will hold consultations and training on international education rule of law in order to improve the legal accomplishment of China’s overseas staff, and effectively expand China’s engagement in multilateral education cooperation, and greatly raise China's ability to participate in international rule-making in education.

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