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BFSU Artificial Intelligence and Human Language Lab

Updated: August 13, 2021

The BFSU Artificial Intelligence and Human Languages Lab was established in December 2019, being abbreviated to BFSU•AI. The lab focuses on cutting-edge projects in the fields of national artificial intelligence and education. 

Based on the arrangement of disciplines of BFSU,  the lab was set up with the principle of being “open, collaborative, intelligent and first-class”. It aims at interpreting human intelligence, manipulating AI, decoding the secret of language and fulfilling intelligent human life.

The lab takes advantage of BFSU’s language teaching and research and gathers together cross-disciplinary think-tank resources, carrying out major scientific research projects in AI and human language science, including research on the mechanism of language learning, and research on language teaching based on AI.

The lab is expected to drive theoretical innovation of the basic subjects of language as well as innovation in systems and practices. It will push forward breakthroughs in cutting-edge technology applied in language research, build a flexible and open education system suitable for everybody, and guide the informatization and intellectualization of China’s foreign language education, making itself a first-class scientific research and innovation platform with international influence.


Tel: +86-10-88818307