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International Forum

Updated: March 31, 2021

Founded in 1999, International Forum is a comprehensive academic journal on international issues sponsored by the Institute of International Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University.

It is a national Chinese core journal and the source journal of the Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI). The journal highlights research on major issues in international politics and international relations, attaches importance to the study of national and regional issues, and tracks the latest developments in international relations theory.

Focused on both theory and practice, the journal serves discipline construction of international relations and research of international issues. The permanent columns include International Politics, Sino-Foreign Relations, Theoretical Discussion, Countries and Regions, and World Economy. In 2017, the journal opened the featured column Belt and Road Initiative.

International Forum uses the "Tengyun" journal editorial system (CNKI version). Please submit articles through the system at http://gjlt.cbpt.cnki.net/EditorEN/index.aspx?t=1, or visit the official website at gjlt.cbpt.cnki.net. Click the button Author Submission System and submit your articles by following the steps.

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