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Foreign Literature

Updated: March 31, 2021

Foreign Literature, founded in 1980, has the longest history and the biggest influence among professional academic publications in the foreign literature research in China. Editors of the journal are researchers from the Institute of Foreign Literature, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and the editorial board is comprised of renowned scholars from home and abroad.  

The journal conducts anonymous peer review. Famous scholars including Wang Zuoliang and Hu Wenzhong have served as its editor-in-chief, and the current editor-in-chief is Professor Jin Li. 

Focusing on foreign literature researchers and enthusiasts as its main readers, the journal pays extensive attention to the languages and literature of various nationalities around the world, introduces the trends of foreign writers and their works and researches and develops critical theory. It publishes the latest results of foreign literature research, and promotes academic dialogue among different countries, regions and cultures.

The journal advocates in-depth research and new explorations, adheres to literary characteristics, pursues an open, accurate, and concise style of writing, and is committed to creating a flourishing, lively academic atmosphere.

It is now a bimonthly magazine with columns such as Review, Theory, Cultural Research, and Book Reviews. In addition, it is a Chinese core journal, a source journal of the Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI), and a level-A core journal of AMI Comprehensive Evaluation of Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences Journals. It hosts a national academic seminar every year.

International subscription is made through China International Book Trading Corporation, 35 West ChegongzhuangRoad, Haidian District, Beijing 100048, China.

Manuscripts must adhere to MLA Style. Submission: http://wgwxqk.cbpt.cnki.net

Editorial correspondence should be addressed to Foreign Literature, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing100089, China. Tel.: 86-10-88816730; Email: wgwx@bfsu.edu.cn